Cutting Wedding Costs Without Sacrificing Class

When we consider one of the most memorable events in the life of a young couple, a wedding is likely to make the top of the list. Unfortunately, such a singular moment can also incur a massive amount of financial responsibility. While some families may be able to absorb a massive bill, others will often be afraid that a tight budget may very well take away from the purpose of the day itself. So, it is a good idea to see how we can reduce these costs while maintaining the elegance of the moment.


Wedding caterers can run up a hefty bill. Although it is indeed true that such professional services will serve up some delectable choices of food and drink, a self-catering buffet is another financially attractive option. Also, this choice will help to add a bit of levity and relaxation to the day; allowing guests to “decompress” after the initial ceremony.

Live Music

There is no doubt that live wedding music and dancing is a very attractive option for a wedding, but the best entertainers can cost a considerable amount of money. Still, let us not forget that you will also be able to download all of the latest music via an mp3 player and keep your guests entertained for hours. If you feel even more inventive, hiring a karaoke machine for the day is another excellent choice.

The Time of Year

Keep in mind that weddings tend to be more expensive during the spring and summer. So, planning your event in the autumn or winter is another good idea to save a bit of money (many venues will offer reduced rates). Also, a white wedding can be quite romantic and cozy.

Wedding Pictures

Of course, you will need to capture your wedding photos in a manner that will allow the memories to live on for generations to come. While it is a fact that professional photographers will absolutely meet and exceed your expectations, they are also quite costly.

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